Our range of specialist coatings for the industrial market


The industrial sector presents an environment that is very demanding and requires specialist coating systems. Surfaces need to be extremely durable as well as appropriate for the particular requirements of the environment. Flooring has become one of the most important factors for businesses involved in manufacturing because it can help manufacturing facilities run more efficiently as well as support and ensure the safety of the workforce. In order to provide the best possible protection and aesthetic value, speciality coatings focus on the requirements of a particular material.

Specialist industrial floor coatings are designed specifically for high-risk environments. The industrial industry requires flooring that is able to withstand traffic from forklift trucks, heavy machinery, mechanical impact, oil, grease, and chemical assault. Durable, hygienic, oil- and slip-resistant industrial floor coating solutions improve the production environment, making the workplace safer, cleaner, and better for employees in manufacturing and engineering facilities. Adding colour, texture, and bright signage that highlights working zones and walkways can all help.  

Industrial coatings are commonly applied during the later stages of the production and manufacturing process. Protective coatings can be used to ensure a product is aesthetically pleasing but are more commonly used to ensure that the product is protected from external conditions such as corrosion and decay.

Robex, the industry leader in flooring and waterproofing, has tailor-made specialist coatings that suit any industrial environment’s needs. These specialist coatings provide solutions for everything from areas of high traffic to areas exposed to chemicals that need durability and environments that need antibacterial flooring. Here are some of the specialised coating systems suitable for the industrial market.

Coating system for heavy traffic and chemical exposure

RX Industry CR is best suited to heavy traffic and chemical exposure. With its quick turnaround time and long service life, it’s a low hassle, high reward solution for industrial environments.  Based on MMA technology, Robex Industry CR is a rapid-curing, seamless coating solution. It is perfect for use in demanding environments since it has great mechanical qualities, varying degrees of non-slip finish options and non-absorbent qualities. Breweries, bottling factories, wine farms, industrial kitchens, mining hostels, sugar mills, and chemical processing companies are a few examples of places where it is perfect for food processing and preparation.

Food-safe, anti-bacterial coating system

RX Cera Guard systems are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, oils, fats, and greases, making them perfect for industries that involve food. It offers a variety of fluid-applied coating solutions by fusing the most recent coating technology with antibacterial and glass flake protection. For a range of sectors, the series offers the best seamless protective barrier. High-performance anti-bacterial properties that have undergone rigorous testing are present. RX Cera Guard systems kill life-threatening bacteria and are food safe when cured. Just like RX Industry CR, they have excellent chemical resistance. 

Not only is it great for industries that involve food, but it is also ideal for bathtubs and sinks and may be used on many different surfaces, including wood, glazed tiles, brick, concrete, and plaster. It’s also simple to clean and will not discolour.

RX Foodsafe is the ultimate fast-curing MMA resin solution that fits the operating needs of breweries in terms of cleanliness, safety, and sanitary conditions. RX Foodsafe cures in 60minutes which means there is very limited downtime and operations don’t need to come to a halt for long periods of time. This food-safe flooring solution delivers a completely seamless hygienic flooring solution by combining the strength of exceptional inter-coat adhesion with chemical, wear, and slip resistance.

Specialist coatings for demanding environments

RX Hi-Mech Liner CR is a product designed for use in places where ordinary resin systems will utterly fail. This system has high mechanical impact and abrasion resistance ratings making it ideal for high-impact environments. Vinyl ester resin, graded aggregates, and cutting-edge levelling agents are combined to create this specialist coating system. The Hi-Mech systems will function under even the most demanding circumstances, giving peace of mind.

This cured system offers high resistance to heat shock and high resistance to the majority of acids, solvents and alkalis. A RX Hi-Mech Liner CR-protected area is simple to clean and may be applied with varying levels of non-slip resistance.

Specialist coating for cold storage areas

RX-Polarcoat was created especially for use in cleanrooms, medical facilities and walk-in freezers, where an easy-to-clean surface is crucial. It will cure at below-freezing temperatures making it suitable for cold rooms and cold storage warehouses. Its non-toxic and solvent-free properties ensure it can also be used for food handling and food processing rooms e.g Abattoirs, Bakeries, Supermarket Preparation Areas, Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens.

RX-Polarcoat can be sprayed and will cure without changing the temperature in cold rooms or removing perishable goods or refrigerated foods out of concern about contamination by evaporating solvents or paint odours. It can easily be applied using a brush, roller or spray. You end result is a durable, high-gloss and smooth surface that reduces the chance of bacterial or microbial development. 

Our technical team can assist in prescribing the correct system for your industrial environment. Contact us at info@robex.co.za or 011 896 9600 for more information.

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