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Industrial Flooring


Robex is renowned for providing and installing a full range of industrial floor coatings that are suited to a number of demanding environments and applications, and that can be tailored to any customer requirement. Our industrial resin floor systems, protective coatings and waterproofing products are designed from advanced materials to provide unmatched durability and wear resistance, making them ideal for conditions where high impact strength, abrasion resistance and safety are of utmost importance.






Robex offers a wide range of heavy duty industrial flooring systems to produce highly resilient and durable surfaces, making them ideal for the challenging operating conditions of various manufacturing applications, including engineering facilities, factories, warehouses, loading and unloading bays, assembly lines, and machine shops.


Food & Beverage Processing

The food processing industry is characterised by hygiene-sensitive processes that require specialised floor coatings to ensure safety and protect surfaces from the spread of harmful bacteria. Robex provides MMA resins, anti-bacterial coatings and non-slip systems for commercial and industrial kitchens, cafeterias, breweries, bottling and packaging plants, and refrigerated warehouses.



Robex’s advanced flooring systems combine scratch, impact and chemical resistant properties to meet the needs of a number of demanding environments in the automotive industry, including motor vehicle production, assembly lines, car dealerships, workshops and service garages.



Aviation hangars and aircraft manufacturing facilities require hardwearing surfaces that can withstand high traffic, abrasion as well a variety of different fuels and chemicals. Robex’s aviation-grade flooring systems offer superior impact resistance as well as enhanced safety and wear characteristics.