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RX Toughseal

RX Toughseal is a polyurethane protective floor coating that provides maximum strength and a long-lasting high gloss finish for heavy traffic areas. It is ideal for any surface that requires tremendous flexibility, abrasion resistance and extreme durability. The coating is ideal for concrete surfaces because of its resistance against a wide range of aggressive exposure.

RX Floorguard P2000

Robex Floorguard P2000 is a heavy to medium duty, flow applied, smooth flooring system based upon polyurethane technology. It provides excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and any other physical aggression.

RX Floorguard Hi-Build

The ultimate heavy-duty epoxy floor coating for high traffic areas, RX Floorguard is a solvent-free resin system that is tough and durable. When cured, it forms a hard-wearing, protective barrier that is approximately five times thicker than a normal floor coating.

RX Gripkits

RX-Grip Kits are the perfect slip prevention solution for stairs, ramps, truck edges, machine steps and areas around equipment and machinery.

RX Hi Mech

Robex Hi-Mech is a vinyl ester resin combined with graded aggregates and state-of-the-art levelling agents, formulated for use in areas where standard resin systems will simply fail. The Hi-Mech systems will perform in even the most arduous conditions, providing customers with peace of mind.

RX Industry CR

Robex Industry CR is a rapid-curing, seamless coating system based on Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) technology. It is specifically formulated for use in areas of high traffic and chemical exposure.

DIY Maintenance Products

Robex SA's inclusive and vast range of industrial and maintenance DIY products offer superior solutions that cover all of your maintenance needs. Our range includes an expansive array of materials including wood repair systems, anti-corrosion systems, floor and wall protective coatings, polyurethane and hygienic non-slip flooring, waterproofing and metal repair systems.

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