Specialist Coatings

Products for every environment

We provide a wide range of innovative protective coating systems for specialist applications at mines, healthcare facilities, food-production factories and commercial kitchens. Our specialist coating systems provide protective, water-resistant and high-performance antibacterial features. Our production and application processes are streamlined to ensure maximum quality and minimal downtime for your business.

Fast Track RX 5060

This fast-track process of lining pools can be used to refurbish existing pools or it can be applied to new pools. With the RX 5060 aqua lining system there is minimal disruption and therefore minimal loss of revenue. The system is a 100% cross-linked liquid-applied liner that will not leach any impurities or contaminants. This provides a safe and friendly environment for fish, mammals and other marine life.

RX Industry CR

Robex Industry CR is a hygienic, vinyl ester resin combined with graded aggregates and state-of-the-art levelling agents, formulated for use in areas where standard resin systems will not suffice. This industrial kitchen flooring solution system offers a rapid cure time along with exceptional mechanical properties and is ideal for use in demanding conditions. It is ideal for food processing and food preparation areas such as breweries, bottling plants, wine farms, industrial kitchens, mine hostels, sugar mills and chemical processing plants.

RX Cera Guard

RX Cera Guard systems combine the latest coating technology with glass flake protection and anti-bacterial properties to provide a range of fluid applied coating systems. The range provides the ultimate seamless protective barrier for a variety of industries.

The RX Cera Guard® systems feature high performance anti-bacterial features that have been stringently tested. Panels coated with Cera Guard® were tested with Staphylococcus aureus NCTC 06571, Eschericia coli NCTC 08196, Salmonella poona MAFF QA Ref 2582 and Listeria monocytogenes NCIMB 50007.

There was a diminution in the number of viable micro-organisms on the panel covered in Cera Guard®. All four species were drastically reduced in numbers or eradicated after 3 minutes’ contact with the panel, and after 6 hours there was no sign of these micro-organisms. 

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for walls, handbasins and baths
  • It creates a highly impervious protective barrier
  • Can be applied to a variety of surfaces including glazed tiles, brick, concrete, plaster and wood
  • Resistant to oils, fats, greases and a wide range of chemicals
  • Will not discolour in UV light
  • Food safe when cured
  • Easy to clean

RX Hygienic Coating Systems

RX Cera Guard© systems use the latest coating technology combined with glass flake protection and anti-bacterial properties to provide a range of fluid applied coating systems, providing the ultimate seamless protective barrier.