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Waterproofing and Lining Solutions

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RX Aqualiner

RX Aqualiner is a flexible pool lining material that is available in every colour. It is non-toxic, quick curing and fully bonded to provide an attractive, easily maintained, 100% watertight lining. This fast track process of lining pools can be used to refurbish existing pools or it can be applied to new pools.

RX Protadeck

RX Protadeck is a high-performance waterproofing solution that protects concrete, timber and steel surfaces. It is a 100% seamless, fully bonded and trafficable. The system has been designed as a water and chemical resistant coating with added abrasion resistance.

RX Proflex

All the products in the RX Proflex range are based on modified liquid polypropylene combined with refined bitumen, selected synthetic resins and water displacing agents. It has exceptional adhesive properties and flexibility in application.

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Robex S.A (Pty) Ltd is one of the leading providers of residential, commercial, and industrial flooring systems as well as waterproofing products in South Africa and internationally.