Floor coatings for the commercial industry


We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to developing and implementing commercial floor coating systems for your company. As a business owner, you want your flooring to be aesthetically pleasing, durable, and easy to maintain. As a retail business owner, shopping centre owner or commercial property developer, your flooring needs may be unique. The kind of commercial floor coatings you require might differ even within a single location. However, the ultimate need remains the same; durable commercial flooring options for high-traffic areas

When considering commercial flooring options, there are four main factors to consider: durability, style, ease of maintenance, and cost. Notably, some commercial flooring options work better in some spaces than others. Many consider epoxy flooring for a variety of applications and whilst epoxy is durable and works well, there are also other options on the market. Robex clients prefer our polyaspartic flooring solutions. Epoxy is very durable, but it is still vulnerable to abrasion. Polyaspartic, meanwhile, is more flexible, and won’t chip, scratch or scuff. If you’ve only considered epoxy flooring for your business, continue reading to discover innovative flooring solutions from Robex.

Here are some commercial floor coatings that could best suit your business.

RX Polyaspartic

RX Polyaspartic floor coatings have been designed for residential, retail, and commercial applications and are lovely to look at and comfortable to walk on. This unique range of resin flooring offers a highly decorative yet robust finish. The RX Polyaspartic range can be customised to suit the needs of the client and offers fantastic features and benefits, including minimal VOC’S as well as 3 times the abrasion and scratch resistance of epoxy and polyurethane flooring. These resins have been engineered to provide a durable yet aesthetically pleasing system that can be used in various applications.  The Robex selection of unique polyaspartic coating systems offers excellent defence and individualized decorative finishes to fit a range of situations.

RX Safety Flooring

The GripKits Safety Flooring solutions from Robex are extensively used in a variety of sectors where worker safety is a top concern. This commercial flooring solution works well in areas with foot activity. It’s a great option for stairways as well. RX Safety Flooring will bond to almost any surface, which makes it incredibly versatile and easy to use. This solution is the most effective long-term remedy for dangerous slippery regions. Its uses include pool edges, platform edges, level crossings, gantries, fire escapes, ramps, walkways, and upper surfaces of pipelines and tanks. It’s offered in both fine and coarse aggregate and in a variety of colours to suit any commercial storefront or shopping centre environment.

RX Floorguard

RX Floorguard is a solvent-free epoxy resin, perfect for commercial floors since it has a very low odour when applied. Floor protection is extremely abrasion resistant, flexible, resistant to a variety of solvents, and fully odourless after curing. It’s one of the best heavy-duty floor coatings for areas with lots of traffic and is also frequently used in commercial flooring. When dried, this solvent solution is devoid of resin, creating a hard-wearing barrier that is roughly five times thicker than a typical floor coating. It is simple to apply by brush or roller.

As the owner of a retail shop, shopping mall, or any commercial premises, it is clear that choosing the right commercial floor coating is imperative. Polyaspartic flooring is both scratch resistant and chemical resistant. It is also very UV stable, meaning that it is not affected by the sun’s rays and will not discolour. Contact our team if you want to learn more about our flooring products. 

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