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Waterproofing is an important aspect of any building. Waterproofing membranes and coatings protect a structure’s integrity as water penetration will cause significant damage to the building if it is not stopped quickly. As a result, building waterproofing is critical, and it has received more attention in recent years. Robex, one of South Africa’s premier waterproofing membrane providers, provides cutting-edge waterproofing technology. Some of the structures you may need to waterproof include

  • Balconies, terraces, flat roofs, walkways, planter boxes and tiles.
  • Pools, ponds, water features and water tanks
  • Bathrooms and kitchen
  • Car park decks
  • Zoos and aquariums

Some of the most common waterproofing methods include:

  • Cementitious Waterproofing
  • Liquid Waterproofing Membrane
  • Bituminous Membrane
  • Bituminous Coating
  • Polyurethane Liquid Membrane

If all of this sounds foreign to you, don’t worry. At Robex, we offer waterproofing solutions that suit different needs and our experts can help you find the best solution for your unique needs. 

Waterproofing solutions

RX Wetsuit

RX Wetsuit is a spray-applied waterproofing solution that is fully adhered, self-flashing and seamless. It’s a flexible, long-lasting waterproofing membrane that’s also environmentally friendly. RX Wetsuit can withstand ponding water indefinitely, is VOC free and gives you peace of mind with a 15-year maintenance-free guarantee.

RX Protadeck

RX Protadeck can be applied to virtually any surface, including horizontal and vertical substrates. Whether you use it on concrete, wood or steel, it acts as a high-performance waterproofing solution. RX Protadeck is ideal for planters, balconies, rooftop gardens and flat roof areas.  It’s completely seamless, entirely bonded, and transportable and can be steam cleaned and degreased. It also has a long service life due to its excellent resistance to water, chemicals, ageing, UV, abrasion and weathering.

RX Proflex

The RX Proflex family of materials is made up of modified liquid polypropylene, refined bitumen, chosen synthetic resins, and water displacement agents. It has excellent adhesive qualities and application flexibility. It does not harden in the container and is ready to use right away. It may be utilized in adverse climatic circumstances – even at -18°C – with maximum overall adhesion performance. 

RX Aqualiner

RX Aqualiner is a versatile pool lining material that comes in a variety of colours. With its instantaneous response and post-curing, there’s no need to wait for results. It’s non-toxic and totally bonded to provide a visually appealing, easy-to-maintain, 100% waterproof liner. There is minimal downtime with the RX Aqualiner System, which means less income and usage time is lost. This pool lining quick speed procedure can be used to renovate existing pools or to create new pools. The RX Aqualiner System is a liquid applied liner that is 100% cross bonded and will not leach any impurities or pollutants. 

RX Trust Coat

RX Trustcoat TWP prevents mildew, moss, and lichen growth by preventing cracking and spalling caused by freezing and thawing. It works on most surfaces, including brick, concrete, natural and cast stone, asbestos, cement, chalk, and limestone, and may be applied with a brush or a spray. It offers external protection that lasts up to 10 years and improves thermal insulation

RX O.R.A Anti-Rain

Protecting your balconies, tiles, terraces, and any other paved or tiled surfaces doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive with O.R.A. Anti-Rain clear waterproof coatings. It restores the luster of your flooring and is UV and weather-resistant. This clear waterproof coating with a specially developed water-repellent barrier is perfect for pavement or tiled surfaces. It penetrates deeply to give further protection against water, grease, smog, oil, mildew, and other weathering agents. 

What is the best time of year to waterproof your building?

Let’s say you’ve chosen the waterproofing solution that works best for you. What time of the year is best for waterproofing? There are a few factors that determine this and it can vary depending on where you are, but the best time to waterproof is generally in the winter. An advantage of waterproofing in the winter is that as the weather becomes cold, the concrete shrinks, causing any fractures in the concrete to expand. Because the cracks are filled to their full width, the resins used in crack sealing do not have to expand. Products like RX Proflex can be applied in extreme conditions (even at -18°C) which means they can even be applied during South African winters. Now that winter is here, it is the ideal time to get your property waterproofed. 

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