How to take care of industrial flooring


Correctly maintaining an industrial floor is one of the most effective methods to get the most out of your investment. Not only will this keep your floor looking its best, but it will also lessen the danger of permanent damage. There are several methods for maintaining the finest possible condition of your industrial floors. Though regular use can eventually result in a scratch or blemish, there are measures to ensure that your industrial flooring is as sturdy and resilient as possible.

Industrial flooring can resemble other types of flooring, but there are a few crucial differences to keep in mind. Industrial flooring sees a high volume of foot traffic, resulting in increased wear and tear. Additionally, industrial floors are often substantially larger than floors in other sorts of establishments. In industrial facilities, equipment and chemical selection are critical.

You can always get specialised equipment to assist in maintaining your industrial floors however it’s also possible to do it manually with the right cleaning material. If you choose to get equipment, your choice should be aimed toward better productivity due to the huge scale of industrial operations. In such instances, large walk-behind sweepers and motorized scrubbers are essential investments.

Maintenance is important to extend the lifespan of your floorings. You need to clean it properly and not use just any chemicals. General cleaning products wear down your flooring, reducing its lifespan. Of course, keeping your floors clean and clear of grit and dust is critical, but there are additional factors to consider to ensure that your floors last for years to come.


Here are some tips to take care of your industrial flooring

  • Normal cleaning procedures can be followed, however, ensure you do not use any solvent-based chemicals (acetone, monomer etc.)
  • A buffer/polishing machine can be used.
  • Floor cleaning detergent and warm water can be used.

To take it a step further and really get the most out of your flooring, Robex offers multiple maintenance products and here are some recommended products that you can use.


Products to maintain industrial flooring

RX – 118 – Heavy Duty Foam Greaser
An acidic high foaming liquid floor cleanser for removing heavy grease, oil, and other deposits from concrete floors, tiles, and brick paving. Cementitious grouting may be affected.

RX-Chloravail – Excellent for kitchen and butchery
A chlorinated, water-soluble powder used to clean and sanitize many types of equipment, as well as walls and floors, in the food business. It helps break down animal oils and fats.

RX-Brilliance – Adds extra shine to resin floors
High-gloss wax for high-gloss appliances, vinyl, rubber, leather, painted surfaces, and a number of other surfaces. Removes filth, oil, and grease effectively.

RX-GP – General purpose cleaner
A medium-duty alkaline solvent degreaser that penetrates surface soils, breaks down and disperses dirt, and emulsifies greases and soils to remove grease, oils, and other contaminants fast and effectively.

RX-Phosteel – Metal cleaner and etch rusted surfaces
For mild rust and dirt on steel surfaces, use an acid rust remover. It can also be used to condition metal before painting.

By investing in these products, you can keep your industrial floors in the best condition and increase longevity. They can also be used in conjunction with your motorised cleaning equipment. 

At Robex, we are committed to delivering our customers the best in flooring, waterproofing, and general maintenance products as a company with over 35 years of expertise in South Africa and globally. Only the best coating technologies will suffice to meet the demands of the industrial environment. As a result, we design floors that are as robust as nails. In fact, it’s tougher. Our protective coating solutions are state-of-the-art, inventive, and designed for the toughest situations, making them ideal for the industrial setting. We apply coatings to processing facilities, workshops, chemical storage spaces, machinery, and equipment at all stages of production.

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