Minimising downtime during commercial flooring projects


Downtime during commercial flooring projects can be disruptive to your customers and even highly detrimental to a business’s bottom line. There comes a time when your premises’ floors may need some work done and the last thing any business owner would want is their routine floor maintenance severely impacting production or leading to store closure for any duration. With the current economic climate, now more than ever companies are reliant on foot traffic to ensure turnover. Closing down a store or manufacturing plant for a few days to allow for a new flooring system to be installed and cured is just not a viable option. Therefore, there is a need to be strategic in the planning and execution of maintenance at commercial premises’ – and choosing the right flooring solutions company is absolutely imperative.

Ways that disruption/downtime reduces profit

  • Factories and manufacturing industries often find themselves with target outputs that require the production line constantly running efficiently with little room for error or planned/unplanned downtime. Any such disruption leads to target outputs not being met and could cause supply shortages.
  • Restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses need people regularly coming in to keep these industries alive, and sometimes even a short disruption in operating hours can impact their bottom line.
  • Malls and shopping centres thrive on foot traffic and every single business in their premises relies on customers being able to access the mall. A large mall’s scheduled floor maintenance can lead to loss of profits for multiple businesses located in their premises. Sometimes working after hours, especially during lockdown curfews, is not an option.

So, how then can commercial premises’ look to upgrade or refurbish their floors with minimal disruption?

Robex offers multiple flooring solutions that cure in just 60-90 minutes. This means that installing a new flooring system can have negligible impact on a business’s ability to operate and can even be completed overnight with the place ready for work the next day. It reduces any disruptions to the company’s operations and as a result, saving the company’s bottom line.

Some commercial flooring products from Robex

For restaurants and the hospitality industry, RX Floorsafe Flooring System is the ultimate fast-curing MMA resin system that meets the need for a sanitary environment without the need to close down the establishment and benefit from undisrupted operations.

Other quick curing MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) flooring and waterproofing products from Robex that are suitable for industrial, commercial, residential and mining industries include:

  • RX-Protadeck (trafficable waterproofing) perfect for planter boxes, car pack decks, freezers, cold rooms, rooftop gardens, balconies etc.
  • RX-Aqualiner (pool lining) which is used in ponds, dams, swimming pools, portable water tanks etc.
  • RX-Duraquartz Rapid (concrete repairs) which is used in workshops, warehouses, freezers, manufacturing areas etc.
  • RX-Grip Kits that are perfect for stairs, ramps, metal ramps, step edges, truck edges, machine steps, non-slip areas around equipment and machinery.

If you’re looking for fast turn-around times (cures in just an hour) that allow you to get back to work immediately, without compromising on quality, choose a flooring solutions company like Robex that allows you to minimise downtime and maximise productivity and profit.

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