Damp and Waterproofing

Solutions for all environments

“As one of the premium waterproofing membrane suppliers in South Africa, Robex offers the leading edge in waterproofing technology.”

We are completely crazy about floors, coatings and waterproofing. That’s the reason we love bringing you the latest, most effective and aesthetically
appropriate solutions to your residential, commercial, industrial and mining needs. Advanced technology, wide range and superior materials set our products apart. We create and install coatings that combine
high design with function, for solutions that are as irresistible as they are durable.

RX Wetsuit

RX Wetsuit is an extremely versatile, highly durable waterproofing membrane that’s safe for the environment. Ideal for a wide range of uses, it can be used for waterproofing and extending the life of a roof to creating air or vapour barriers.

RX Protadeck

RX Protadeck is a 100% seamless, fully bonded waterproofing system that forms a protective membrane coating. It provides protection against water and chemicals, with added abrasion resistance.

RX Aqualiner

RX Aqualiner is a flexible pool lining material that is available in every colour. It is non-toxic, quick curing and fully bonded to provide an attractive, easily maintained, 100% watertight lining.

RX Proflex Waterproofing Range

The RX Proflex range of waterproof coatings is based on modified liquid polypropylene combined with refined bitumen, selected synthetic resins and water displacing agents. It has exceptional adhesive properties and flexibility in application. With maximum performance for total adhesion, it can be used in extreme climatic conditions – even at -18°C.

RX Trustcoat

The RX Trustcoat Plastic Membrane is a waterproofing system with a single pack high-solids polymer coating. It is ideal for use as a high-performance elastomeric roof membrane or a flexible wall coating. The product has exceptional water resistance and adhesive qualities, even under total immersion conditions.

RX Trustcoat

O.R.A. Anti-Rain transparent waterproof coatings prove that protecting your balconies, tiles, terraces and any other paved or tiled surfaces doesn’t have to be strenuous or expensive. This specially formulated water-repellent membrane is a transparent waterproof coating that is ideal for paved or tiled surfaces. It penetrates deeply to provide added protection from water infiltration, grease, smog, oil, mould and other weathering agents.