Damp and Waterproofing

Solutions for all environments

As one of the premium waterproofing membrane suppliers in South Africa, Robex offers the leading edge in waterproofing technology. In line with client requirements, we have the best solution for every situation.

RX Wetsuit

The RX wetsuit is a fully bonded, seamless, spray applied waterproofing system. it is an extremely versatile, highly durable waterproofing membrane that’s safe for the environment. RX Wetsuit is a high-grade rubber product with a bituminous emulsification that delivers as a roofing product, waterproofing product and air barrier. Ideal for a wide range of uses, the system provides solutions for the entire building envelope. 

Features and Benefits

  • UV stable
  • Fully adhered and self flashing
  • Superior wind uplift
  • Class A fire rating, self extinguishing
  • Low permeability, high hydrostatic resistance
  • High impact and hail resistance
  • Instant set cure
  • Withstands ponding water indefinitely
  • 1600% + elongation
  • Any millage in a single pass application
  • Can be applied directly onto existing torch on waterproofing.
  • VOC free
  • 15 year maintenance free guarantee

RX Protadeck

RX Protadeck is a high-performance waterproofing solution that protects concrete, timber and steel surfaces. It is a 100% seamless, fully bonded and trafficable. The system has been designed as a water and chemical resistant coating with added abrasion resistance.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be applied to virtually any surface, including horizontal and vertical substrates
  • Ideal for planters, balconies, rooftop gardens and flat roof areas
  • Rapid application and curing – areas can be returned to service in under 20 minutes
  • Weather tolerant
  • Unsurpassed bond strength
  • Easy to repair
  • Can be steam cleaned and degreased
  • Long service life – excellent resistance to aging, UV, abrasion, weathering, de-icing salts and chemical attack

RX Aqualiner

RX Aqualiner is a flexible pool lining material that is available in every colour. It is non-toxic, quick curing and fully bonded to provide an attractive, easily maintained, 100% watertight lining. This fast track process of lining pools can be used to refurbish existing pools or it can be applied to new pools. The RX Aqualiner System is a 100 % cross linked liquid applied liner that will not leach any impurities or contaminants. This provides a safe and friendly environment for fish, mammals and other marine life. With the RX Aqualiner System there is minimal disruption, which means minimal loss of revenue and usage time.

Features and Benefits

  • Instant reaction and post-curing
  • Monolithic and seamless coating
  • Instantly leakproof
  • Hardwearing, durable and tough
  • Long design life
  • Flexible and impermeable, which means no cracks, splits or de-lamination
  • It is very versatile and can be applied to almost any surface and in any condition

RX Proflex Waterproofing Range

All the products in the RX Proflex range are based on modified liquid polypropylene combined with refined bitumen, selected synthetic resins and water displacing agents. It has exceptional adhesive properties and flexibility in application. With maximum performance for total adhesion, it can be used in extreme climatic conditions – even at -18°C.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be applied straight from the container
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Withstands extremes of temperature
  • Can be applied in wet conditions
  • Will not harden in the can
  • Available in black or aluminium
  • Available in 3 grades

RX Trustcoat

RX Trustcoat TWP is a colourless solution containing hydrophobic molecules that penetrate deep into the substrate to provide a highly durable barrier against water penetrations. The solution is easy to apply by brush or spray and works on most surfaces including brick, concrete, natural and cast stone, asbestos, cement, chalk and limestone.

Features and benefits

  • Effective external protection for up to 10 years
  • Stops cracking and spalling due to freezing and thawing
  • Helps prevent growth of mildew, moss and lichen
  • Allows surfaces to breath
  • Improves thermal insulation
  • Can be used as a damp proof membrane

RX O.R.A Anti-Rain

O.R.A. Anti-Rain transparent waterproof coatings prove that protecting your balconies, tiles, terraces and any other paved or tiled surfaces doesn’t have to be strenuous or expensive. This specially formulated water-repellent membrane is a transparent waterproof coating that is ideal for paved or tiled surfaces. It penetrates deeply to provide added protection from water infiltration, grease, smog, oil, mould and other weathering agents.

  • Ideal for balconies and terraces
  • Ideal as an anti-grease treatment for kitchens and cooking surfaces
  • Can be used as an anti-dust treatment for cement surfaces
  • Can be applied even at low temperatures
  • Restores flooring brilliance
  • Not necessary to remove old flooring
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Perfect penetration into tile surface and joints