Key considerations when selecting chemical coatings for floors in mining facilities


Choosing the right flooring for mining facilities is a crucial decision that can significantly impact safety, productivity, and maintenance costs. In particular, mining facilities often require chemical coating flooring to withstand the harsh conditions and chemical exposures commonly found in this industry. Robex offers the mining & industrial industry unique flooring solutions of the highest calibre. When deciding on flooring for the mining industry, it’s important to know what to look for.

Durability is paramount when it comes to flooring in mining facilities. These floors must withstand heavy machinery, high-impact activities, and constant foot traffic. Chemical coating flooring should be resilient enough to endure the abrasion and wear and tear inherent in mining operations. Epoxy and polyurethane coatings are popular choices for their excellent durability. Alongside durability, chemical resistance is very important. Mining facilities frequently handle corrosive substances and chemicals, which can eat away at conventional flooring materials. When considering flooring solutions, it’s essential to consider the specific chemicals used in your operation and ensure that the chosen flooring system is highly resistant to them. When working with Robex, our team will conduct a thorough chemical resistance test to ensure compatibility.

Safety is another top priority in the mining industry. The floors should provide sufficient traction to prevent slips and falls, especially in areas prone to spills or moisture. Textured surfaces or slip-resistant additives can enhance safety, even in wet conditions. Flooring should also be fire-resistant and non-combustible, meeting safety codes and regulations. Each mining facility will have unique requirements and challenges. A one-size-fits-all approach may not be suitable. As flooring experts, we will discuss your specific needs and tailor a solution to meet your facility’s demands, whether that’s added thickness for extra durability or specialised resistance to certain chemicals.

Flooring solutions from Robex for the mining industry

RX PU 6290: This is a prepared high-strength polyurethane screed designed to withstand heavy-duty use. It offers fantastic thermal shock resistance and incredible abrasion and chemical resistance. The product can withstand aggressive cleaning and is aesthetically pleasing as it offers a seamless finish with no grout or joints. The finished product is virtually odour-free.

Oxifree: The Oxifree solution is a non-toxic, sprayable polymer which provides superior corrosion protection on flanges, valves, and bearings.

RX Protadeck: This product is perfect for flat roof waterproofing, tank linings (non-potable), and bund areas. It provides protection against corrosion of concrete structures and areas where a flexible floor is required (mezzanine).

RX Safety Flooring: Robex SA provides various slip-resistant flooring solutions that suit any environment to minimise the risk of slipping. RX GripKits from Robex are widely employed in various industries where safety is a top issue. RX GripKits are ideal for areas that handle foot traffic, cars, forklift trucks, and automated handling systems. They’re also a great choice for staircases.

RX-Toughseal UVC: For areas with high traffic, RX Toughseal, a polyurethane protective floor coating, offers maximum strength and a long-lasting high gloss surface. It is perfect for any surface that has to be extremely durable, abrasion-resistant, and flexible. The coating’s resistance to various aggressive exposures makes it perfect for concrete surfaces. This floor protection can be used to demarcate plant rooms, compressor houses, ablution facilities, and workshops and as a steel protection coating.

RX- Foodsafe Systems: Robex SA Foodsafe MMA resins offer distinct advantages to owners/specifiers, engineers and contractors alike. This product is perfect for kitchen/food hall floors, ramps, step edges, staff ablutions and working platforms, acclimatisation rooms, chemical-resistant flooring and re-building of concrete plinths.

RX Industry CR: Robex Industry CR is a rapid-curing, seamless coating system based on Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) technology. It is specifically formulated for use in high-traffic and chemical exposure areas.

At Robex, we can advise you on the best protective floor coating for your mining facility and site services since we have decades of expertise in installing epoxy and resin flooring systems for industrial purposes. Our products are designed for industrial use and include heat resistance and anti-slip features, making them perfect for the harsh situations seen in this industry.

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