The benefits of floor colours and demarcation line markings


Most people are used to some form of line markings and coloured floors. For example, we understand that yellow lines on the road or in parking bays indicate a no-park area. Arrows show us which direction to take and zebra crossings indicate that pedestrians have priority on the road.

When it comes to manufacturing and industrial areas, the use of line marking and floor colours also create a safer working environment, including pathways and zones. This is especially important if your company uses forklift trucks and other moving vehicles as part of the day to day running of the business. 

Demarcation lines mark the divisions between safety and potential danger, making them one of the most important and powerful safety tools. These can define the walkways from the roadways, the racking areas from the aisles, the escape routes from the transfer areas, the stacking areas from the loading bays. Demarcation line marking is an excellent way to help improve bulk storage and safety in the workplace using a well-considered floor marking layout. Some of the benefits of demarcation lines include:

  • Define traffic routes for pedestrians and vehicle access especially in parking garages.
  • Identify escape routes in factories or other industrial work environments.
  • Highlight parking and loading bays.
  • Indicate areas in which certain PPE must be worn.
  • Staff can avoid dangers such as moving vehicles, machinery, and chemicals.

If your company has a range of activities that need to remain separate, different floor colours are a great way of ensuring they stay in the correct zones. You can use a different coloured floor for inspection and storage areas as well as areas that require your staff to take extra care or precautions when they’re entering. This means that, for instance, if the floor in your preparation area is a different colour from that in the disposal area, your staff are less likely to waste time by placing items in the wrong area.

In the long run, line markings and floor colours can save your business money by increasing efficiency and safety, which in turn will improve staff motivation and productivity. By using a clearly demarcated layout for vehicles and pedestrians, including crossing points, you will be protecting your employees and customers from injury.

We’ve worked with many companies such as Massmart, Bosch, Sandton City, Bimbo QSR and more. For more information about our flooring solutions and line demarcation systems, please email us.

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