Why food-safe flooring is so important for your business


The environment in which food and beverages are prepared, cooked, and served has to be as hygienic as possible. Areas like working surfaces and floors are under major scrutiny, especially now as the world deals with a pandemic. The system that controls the quality of these areas, the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), ensures that businesses involved with food preparation adhere to the international benchmark of food safety management.

The South African government is enforcing the stringent regulations of the HACCP on businesses, so it is important that your building meets their criteria. Our Foodsafe Flooring System adheres to the HACCP International standard requirements, while also being designed to be aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.

Essential requirements of working surfaces (including flooring):

  • All surfaces must be easy to clean and sterilise
  • Aesthetics must be pleasing and surface finishes light in colour
  • Preparation and processing areas must be non-slip under wet conditions
  • Surfaces must be able to withstand aggressive cleaning and sterilising regimes, including steam cleaning
  • Floor surfaces must be laid to effective drainage
  • Floor surfaces must be tough, durable and able to withstand foot traffic and steel wheeled trolleys
  • Surfaces must be non-staining, non-dusting and biologically inert
  • Vertical and horizontal interfaces need to be seamless
  • Drains and sumps need to be lined and allow free flow of spillage

Benefits of hygienic, food-safe  flooring for your business

Many of the typical industrial kitchen floors were previously tiled, making it difficult to clean the grout lines or damaged tiles adequately. The only real option was to then retile, which is expensive and results in massive down-time and subsequent loss of income. The most beneficial way to transform your kitchen floors is to do it overnight, with no disruption to your facility, and no loss of income.

The Robex SA Foodsafe System uses MMA resin which is ready to use in 2 hours. RX Foodsafe is the ultimate fast-curing MMA resin system that meets the food industry’s operational needs for a clean, safe and sanitary environment. Combining the strength of superior intercoat adhesion with chemical, wear and slip resistance, RX Foodsafe offers a completely seamless hygienic flooring solution.

It also has some other distinct benefits to the business, including:

  • Fast turnaround time (cures in one hour) so you can get back to work faster
  • High chemical and biological resistance to withstand regular rigorous cleaning with chemicals
  • High resistance to impact and mechanical wear from heavy machinery or steel trolleys
  • Non-absorbent surfaces for a sanitary environment
  • Long service life
  • Seamless, smooth and non-slip finishes to suit your area
  • Highly decorative finishes to suit your needs, especially if they are client facing
  • May be applied in the widest range of climatic conditions (-300 to 350 celsius)
  • Overnight installations mean you don’t necessarily have to close up shop
  • Can be applied on old and new substrates of concrete, ceramic tiles and wood
  • Suitable for steam cleaning
  • One system for vertical and horizontal applications

Foodsafe flooring is ideal for industrial kitchens, food processing, food production and catering premises. It meets all the HACCP International standard requirements while adding value to business.

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