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B-BBEE Certificate

Level 3 B-BBEE Status


Robex S.A. (Pty) Ltd. has been supplying the local market with the latest in residential, commercial and industrial flooring solutions for over two decades. We specialise in durable flooring solutions that are both practically functional and aesthetically pleasing to suit the needs of industrial spaces like factories, workshops and commercial kitchens.


Robex is a proudly South African owned and operated company and is committed to the transformation and development of our country by becoming fully BEE compliant. Our range of products includes floor coverings, epoxy floor coatings, polyurethane floor coatings, and concrete floors. Our different floor coating options seal and protect your floors in order for them to last longer, even under the toughest conditions.


We believe that it is our duty to empower and uplift previously disadvantaged individuals to promote equality in South Africa, and are proud to hold a Level 3 B-BBEE certificate.


See our B-BBEE certificate below.