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Commercial Flooring


Robex is proud to offer a vast selection of high end commercial flooring options to suit a variety of design and performance requirements. Bringing together advanced technologies and new innovations, our quality-manufactured floor coatings and waterproofing products are ideal for high traffic areas and other applications that require added protection against wear to maintain the overall aesthetics of the building or surface.





Retail & Offices

For shopping malls, retail shops, offices or showrooms, the choice of flooring is one of the most important elements as it not only sets the design tone of the store or building, but it also needs to account for a high volume of foot traffic as well as safety regulations.



Food Service & Processing

Restaurants, commercial kitchens and food franchises are characterised by hygiene-sensitive environments that require specialised floor coatings to ensure safety and protect surfaces from the spread of harmful bacteria. Robex’s MMA resins, anti-bacterial coatings and non-slip systems which are ideally suited to meet a host of aesthetic as well as health and safety requirements.



Car Park Decks

The construction of parking that is safe, durable and attractive is becoming an increasingly important factor in commercial developments. Robex provides waterproofing and surface coatings that meet a number of aesthetic, performance and service requirements.



Educational Institutions

Selecting the right flooring material for schools, libraries, museums and laboratories involves a number of appearance, maintenance and safety considerations. Contemporary resin flooring, non-slip systems and hardwearing epoxies are just some of the floor solutions we provide for the education sector.



Hospitality & Leisure

Hotels, resorts, casinos, nightclubs, lobbies, tourist attractions and other leisure facilities often require flooring that combines high levels of safety and design along with ease of maintenance. Robex’s flooring systems make a bold statement and our offering includes waterproofing solutions for water features, fish ponds, water parks, swimming pools and more.



Zoos & Aquariums

Our premier protective lining solution was developed to meet demands for system that can be used to waterproof, seal and coat new structures or restore existing structures in aquariums, zoos and mammal enclosures while providing a safe living environment for fresh and salt-water fish as well as other marine mammals.