RX Oxifree

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RX Oxifree is a non-toxic, sprayable polymer that provides a superior corrosion protection system for metal components and moving parts. It is ideal for mines, bottling plants, power stations, processing plants and steel mills.

Low VOC levels and advanced technology make RX Oxifree the environmentally-friendly, waste-free solution to protect machinery and equipment from corrosion and contamination. As such, one of the benefits is that it prolongs the service longevity of assets that are costly to replace, while reducing maintenance costs.

RX Oxifree has been engineered as an effective solution that creates a barrier against water and dust for a range of vulnerable equipment and components. It is ideal for flanges and valves on process piping, and long-term storage of equipment in normal atmospheric conditions. 

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to apply, easy to remove
  • Reduces operational downtime
  • All-in-one protection against wear and corrosion
  • Low ecological and environmental impact
  • Reusable up to six times
  • Spray machines are available from Robex for DIY application