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Maintenance Repair Products

In addition to the manufacture, supply and application of world-leading flooring and waterproofing systems, Robex also offers a range of quality floor maintenance products to enhance the longevity of existing commercial or industrial floors with specific solutions for a variety of materials and applications.

RX Concrete Repairs

Robex specialises in condition-specific concrete floor repair products that take into consideration the climate, average temperatures and conditions of concrete floors over time.

RX Chemical Anchoring, Joint Sealant and Asphalt

Keep your asphalt, tarmac and concrete surfaces in a pristine condition and good working order with the chemical anchoring and joint sealant products available from Robex.

RX Line Marking

Robex’s line marking systems ensure safety and efficiency for a wide range of application, from road markings to the demarcation of safety areas in factories.

RX Metal Repair System

Robex makes maintaining metal components simple with a range of easy-to-use metal repair epoxy systems and underwater epoxy repair sticks.

RX Special Adhesives

Robex supplies a range of high-strength, multi-surface structural adhesives for use in tough environments and advanced industrial applications.

RX Foams

Robex’s expanding foam insulation products are ideal for filling and sealing awkward gaps and cavities in multiple surfaces and provides insulation against heat and moisture

RX Corrosion Coatings

Robex’s range of anti-corrosive coatings and rust prevention products provide long-term protection for multiple surfaces and applications.

RX Pipe Repairs

Robex supplies a range of products to ensure effective, permanent pipe repairs for a range of high-pressure, rapid or underwater pipe applications.

RX Wood Repairs

Robex specialises in the supply and application of wood repair and maintenance solutions that are practical, durable and cost-effective.