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Flooring Solutions

RX Floorguard High-Build Epoxy Coating



The ultimate heavy-duty epoxy floor coating for high-traffic areas.


Floorguard is a completely solvent-free resin system that can be easily applied by brush or roller. When cured, the Floorguard epoxy floor coating forms a hard-wearing protective barrier that is approximately five times thicker than a normal floor coating.


Floorguard High-Build has a very low odour during application and is ideal for industrial flooring solutions and commercial floors, laboratories, water treatment plants, food processing areas, breweries, sewage plants, dairies and schools.


Floorguard has great abrasion resistance, excellent flexibility, is impermeable to a wide range of chemicals, and when cured, is completely odour-free.




  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Tremendous chemical resistance
  • Excellent waterproofing qualities
  • Easy to clean
  • Low odour
  • Five times thicker than a normal floor paint


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