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RX Wetsuit


RX Wetsuit is an extremely versatile, highly durable waterproofing membrane that’s safe for the environment, easily applied and ideal for a wide range of uses, from waterproofing and extending the life of a roof to creating air or vapour barriers.


Applications include: Roofing, Between Slab Waterproofing, Below Grade Waterproofing, Air/Vapor Barriers, Ponds & Fountains and other specialty applications.

RX Anti Corrosion


The RX Anti Corrosion range has been specially formulated to protect a variety of surfaces against the harshest chemical spills. With rapid curing times, the RX Anti Corrosion range keeps downtime to an absolute minimum in order to keep your business running smoothly.


The range includes: RX Industry H.C.R, Robex Industry CR, and Robex Hi-Mech Liner.

RX Metal and Underwater Epoxy Repairs – Repair Systems


A range of easy to use products for repairing and preserving metal parts and components. Underwater epoxy repair product will not slump or drip, and it bonds quickly to most plastics including, ABS, polyurethane, PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate and some polyolefin materials.

RX Ceraguard – Hygienic Coating Systems


RX Cera Guard© systems use the latest coating technology combined with glass flake protection and anti-bacterial properties to provide a range of fluid-applied coating systems for the ultimate seamless protective barrier.

RX Non-Slip Flooring


Robex non-slip safety flooring systems have prevented accidents on slippery surfaces around the world for over 20 years. It is a widely used product, not only for pedestrian traffic, but also for vehicles, forklift trucks and automated handling systems.


It is suitable for use on steps, ramps, walkways, fire escapes, upper surfaces of pipes and tanks, pool edges, cab steps, platform edges, level crossings and gantries.

Anchoring, Joint Sealing & Asphalt Repairs


RX Injectabond for use as an anchoring system reaching high levels of strength rapidly, RX Expansion Joint Sealant as a simple solution to problem expansion joints, and RX ISR – a combination of selected high quality aggregates and a unique plastic compound which bond together to provide a fast, permanent asphalt repair.

RX Dura Quartz Systems


All of the products in the RX Dura Quartz range are based on the latest synthetic resin technology combined with our computer graded quartz aggregate. RX Dura Quartz is the answer to concrete repairs in areas of high-wear, floor movement, and chemical or effluent attack. RX Dura Quartz products are suitable for concrete structures and street furniture repair.

RX Floor Coatings – Toughseal


Liquid Plastic Protection as a single pack polymer coating with tremendous flexibility and chemical resistance. It can be used on all types of surfaces including concrete, wood and steel.

RX Floor Coatings – Floorguard Hi-Build


The ultimate heavy-duty industrial floor coating solution for high-traffic areas. This completely solvent free resin system is easily applied by brush or roller and when cured forms a hard wearing protective barrier that is approximately five times thicker than a normal floor coating.

RX Waterproofing Systems


A colourless, waterproof coating solution containing water repellent molecules that penetrate deep into the substrate to provide a highly durable barrier against water penetrations.

RX Proflex


Tried and tested throughout the world Proflex Brush Grade weather-proofing coating can be applied to any building surface without the use of a primer. It can also be applied in all weather conditions, even in wet conditions or underwater!

RX Protadeck


RX Protadeck is an applied protective coating membrane and is designed as a water and chemical resistant coating for concrete, timber, masonry, and steel structures.

RX Foodsafe


RX Foodsafe is designed specifically for use in areas where food processing and food preparation takes place. These areas have strict hygiene requirements that have to be upheld at all times.

RX Aqualiners


RX Aqualiners are liquid-applied liners that can be applied to any surface area where waterproofing is required. It does not leach any impurities or contaminant, making it ideal for use in areas where fish, mammals, and other marine life are kept.

RX Pipe Repair Systems


Leaking pipe repair products suitable for permanent and temporary leak repair.

Specialist Adhesives


A variety of adhesive products that is suitable for industrial-strength bonding and fast-setting bonding for a variety of materials.

RX Expanding Foam Insulation


Robex’s expanding foam insulation products are ideal for filling and sealing awkward gaps and cavities in multiple surfaces, as well as providing insulation against heat and moisture.

RX Polyaspartic Range


This unique range of resin flooring offers a highly decorative yet robust finish.  The RX Polyaspartic range can be customised to suit the needs of the client and offers fantastic features and benefits including minimal VOC’S as well as 3 times the abrasion and scratch resistance of epoxy and polyurethane flooring.

RX Chemicals

RX Corrosion Control

RX Wood Repair Systems


Wood repair products available as industrial foam, high-strength adhesive, and woodform adhesive.