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Halewood Breweries


Hygienic Flooring



RX Foodsafe



Breweries often present a challenging environment when it comes to concrete flooring. Not only must they meet requirements for clean and safe working surfaces, but they must also be resistant to a wide range of chemicals and be durable enough to withstand heavy loads and abrasion.

The floors at Halewood Breweries were damaged as a result of constant exposure to sugar and other abrasive materials, posing health and safety risks among work personnel and even consumers. Robex applied their fast-curing MMA resin system, RX Foodsafe – a seamless flooring system that demonstrates excellent slip, impact and abrasion resistant properties in wet food processing environments – to provide a wear-resistant surface that is not only easy to clean and watertight against spillages, but also enhance the appearance of their dull and dreary concrete floor.