Newsletter March 2016

Robex SA’s Polyaspartic flooring range

Our unique range of polyaspartic flooring offers a highly attractive, decorative and functional finish for a variety of projects and customer needs. Engineered to provide a durable yet aesthetically pleasing solution, this range is flexible and reliable. The range is made up of the following:


RX Abstract Metallic

This is for those with both style and quality in mind. For a look of luxury with built-in functionality, this solution provides a metallic finish that creates beautiful depth.


RX Décor Quartz

This extremely durable system encompasses everything from strength and high traction to an attractive non-slip quartz finish. Great for outdoor and high traffic areas.


RX Abstract Stain System

Our RX Abstract Stain is the perfect solution for all spaces, ranging from residential to commercial flooring. This top of the range system is superior in its class and extremely functional. Using pigmented powder combined with acetone, we are able to dye cured concrete with an abstract finish to create just the look you need. This solution offers limitless design possibilities for customers.


RX Supa-Aspartic UV

If your primary objective is functionality combined with aesthetic beauty, this is the solution for you. It is durable and practical, providing an attractive solid colour finish that is completely UV stable. Ideal for almost any space!


RX Décor-chip

Using acrylic flake, we are able to create a trendy yet functional finish that resembles a classic terrazzo look and feel when using warm colours.



Robex SA’s Aqualiner solution



The RX Aqualiner system provides a UV stable, flexible and long lasting solution for your pool or water feature. This fast track lining process can be used to refurbish existing pools or can also be applied to new pools, ponds or water features. Our RX Aqualiner provides you with the best possible waterproofing solution that has been tried and tested across the globe.