Newsletter February 2016

Cycle Lab surfaced with Robex SA’s RX Abstract Stain System!



We were recently approached by Cycle Lab, a division of MoreCycle, for a flooring system. They required a solution that was tough, attractive and highly flexible for two of their new megastores, in Lynnridge and Boksburg. Our flooring recommendation was the highly durable and decorative RX Abstract Stain.


The RX Abstract Stain System offers superior beauty and functionality, by making floors aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable. By using this solution in Cycle Lab’s megastores, we were able to provide them with an area which has a contemporary look and feel, that is not only 100% UV resistant but also three times more hard-wearing than Epoxy.




Ensure your food preparation area is hygienic


It is critical that any food preparation takes place in a hygienic environment and Robex SA knows how to make this happen. When you consider how widespread global food production has become and the high standards that manufacturers must attain, food safety becomes even more essential.


Food can easily be contaminated and cause health problems. Contamination can occur at various stages of the production process, especially when you consider the complexity of the food supply chain. It is for this very reason that we have invested in flooring solutions such as RX Foodsafe; a fast-curing MMA resin system that helps the food industry meet all the essential requirements for working surfaces.


RX Foodsafe working surfaces are non-slip, allow for effective drainage, and are easy to clean and sterilise. The RX Foodsafe System will cause no disruptions to work areas, so you can rest easy. It is ideal for chemical processing areas, food processing facilities, kitchens, freezers, refrigerated warehouses and much more.