Advanced Waterproofing: Saving Time and Money

Seamless possibilities thanks to Robex SA’s new Wetsuit System

We know how important quality and durability is to our customers, which is why we are proud to introduce you to our new advanced waterproofing technology!


As industry leaders in waterproofing in the South African market, we have been able to identify a great need for a system that can be applied over existing membranes to save huge amounts of time and money.


Robex SA’s Wetsuit® System is a fully self-adhered, self-flashing membrane with a wide variety of uses for a large assortment of applications. Due to it’s instant set time, which is 80 % in just 3-5 seconds, Wetsuit can be sprayed to any thickness in a single pass, creating a truly custom and precise membrane. This finish allows for unparalleled architectural freedom and ease of application.


Benefits of choosing the Wetsuit System:


• Can be applied over torch-on systems
• Water based system
• VOC Free
• No odour
• 1600% elongation
• Light weight
• 80% cured in 3-5 seconds