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Season’s Greetings!


The end of the year has come faster than we could have imagined. Thank you to all of our customers and clients for keeping us busy with lots of fantastic projects. We hope you’ll enjoy your end-of-year holidays and New Year celebrations.


Please note that the Offices of Robex SA (PTY) Ltd will be closed from Friday 15 December 2017 until Monday 8 January 2018. However, our Production Teams will continue to work during this period to accommodate “Shut-down” at relevant companies.


In just a few weeks, we’ll be back in full force, refreshed and ready to get started on your latest requirements. Keep scrolling if it’s inspiration you’re looking for.

Safe and reliable forever-floors



Need a durable, long lasting flooring solution? So did Vergenoegd Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. Since it was for their wine cellars, they also required minimal downtime during and after the installation process. That’s why they chose our RX Foodsafe non-slip flooring solution.


RX Foodsafe is a fast-curing Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resin system designed with the food (and beverage) industry in mind. Its inter-coat adhesion prevents wear, slipping and cracks to ensure a clean, safe and hygienic environment. The slip resistance is particularly important in a place where heavy crates are often moving in and out.


The best part of all is the quick drying properties of RX Foodsafe. This means it can be installed overnight and is ready by morning. Add in the fact that it’s low maintenance and Vergenoegd can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their floor will never cost them a dime of downtime.



Customisation: the gift that keeps on giving


Customisation of floors

With our help, Coca-Cola recently gave their Devland warehouse an upgrade, both inside and out. Externally, RX Toughseal was used to ensure a smooth transition for goods being wheeled to and from the warehouse. It’s a twin pack moisture cured polyurethane protective floor coating that provides maximum strength and a long-lasting high gloss finish for heavy traffic areas.


Our RX Polyaspartic product similarly offers a line of decorative concrete floor coatings and industrial-grade durability. However, it comes with the added benefit of customisation, with options ranging from metallic finishes to UV protection and more. In Coca-Cola’s case, they wanted their logo incorporated into the flooring itself. What do you think of the final product?


We know they’ll be looking forward to hitting the ground running next year, and hopefully now that we’ve given you some ideas to build on and some possibilities to look forward to, so will you.



A Tough One to Crack


RX Toughseal UVC offers long term durability as a protective coating for your concrete substrate. From workshops to warehouses, some floor surfaces see more traffic than others, putting them at an increased risk of premature deterioration. That’s where RX Toughseal UVC comes in.


RX Toughseal is a twin pack moisture cured polyurethane protective floor coating. It is available as a coloured or clear product and can be applied to all types of surfaces, including concrete, wood and steel. It can be purchased and applied as a DIY product and covers 6-8 square metres per kg, depending on porosity. Robex has installed this incredible flooring solution for a number of clients, who have confirmed the following benefits:


RX Toughseal

  • Extremely hardwearing
  • Impact resistant
  • UV stable
  • Easy to apply
  • Very flexible
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting durability
  • 60% more light reflectance than an untreated floor








The Latest On-the-Ground News


Recently, we were tasked with finding a long-term solution for a truck loading bay, where traffic was so high that demarcation lines had to be repainted every two weeks. Through the use of RX Toughseal UVC, we were able to create longer-lasting demarcation lines. At the same premises, we also used RX MMA Flake to give the worn stairs a durable new aesthetic. Our MMA’s quick-curing time (1 hour) means we were able to ensure minimal disruption to the organisation’s activities.


RX toughseal uvc


Helping Clients Get a Grip on Their Safety Issues


RX Grip Kit System


One of our clients in the automotive industry recently brought us on board to make their high traffic stair area safer. We achieved this by using our RX Grip Kit System. Supplied in kit form for ease of use, benefits of this product include tremendous adherence to virtually all building surfaces, an option between fine or coarse aggregate, and a pleasing aesthetic effect. It’s also available in a range of colours.




There’s a WetSuit® Solution for everyone


Introducing WetSuit®, the environmentally friendly, multi-purpose liquid waterproofing membrane. WetSuit® is ideal for a large spectrum of uses, from extending the life of a roof to creating seamless, fluid applied air or vapour barriers. That makes it particularly useful for insulating asbestos roofing away from building occupants in a protective envelope.


The WetSuit® System comes in five unique solutions, all of which are water-based, self-adhering, cold spray applied, self-flashing and can be sprayed to any millimetre thickness in a single pass. That not only makes WetSuit® a supremely versatile product, but precise in its application and very easy to apply.


The membrane’s versatility and ease of use is matched only by its unbelievable durability, as one of only a few materials that has a Class A self-extinguishing fire rating, is nearly impregnable to hail, and offers 1600% elongation and a wind uplift of Class 1-990. That also makes it extremely safe, eliminating job hazards.


Find out how Wetsuit® can reduce renovation costs; safeguard against breathing hazards; offer unrivalled safety and durability; or meet your specific needs.



RX Polyaspartic: Enhancing the home


Workshops, factory floors and other industrial spaces have seen the benefits of our RX Polyaspartic flooring range, and now, we’re bringing it to your home. We recently transformed a residential garage space in Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate, and we think you’ll agree that the results are spectacular.


RX Polyaspartic flooring range


The key was creating a flooring system that was both practical and pleasing to the eye. This proves Polyaspartic flooring isn’t just tough as nails, but can be finished in a variety of visual styles to suit your tastes – with five different products to choose from within our RX Polyaspartic range.Image-2


Our RX Supa-Aspartic UV is great in bathrooms and around the house, while the RX Abstract Stain System is a durable top-of-the range decorative flooring system in matt or high-gloss – perfect for your contemporary kitchen or a retail space. An attractive solid flooring for garages and other high-traffic areas of the home, RX Décor Quartz and


Décor Chip are available in a wide assortment of colours, so you can achieve just about any look you want. Finally, RX Abstract Metallic offers a luxurious metallic finish for a big aesthetic impact.



New year, new you… new floor?


Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! We’re certain the year ahead has amazing things in store for you and your loved ones. But to make the most of it, you’ll need to get stuck into those resolutions like eating healthier, saving more, and making those minor home and business renovations soon. So, if you’re planning on kicking it off with a strong and solid foundation, here’s a reminder of how Robex SA
can help:


No more slip ups: Keep your feet firmly on the ground this year with Robex SA’s non-slip safety flooring systems, which have prevented accidents on slippery surfaces around the world for over 20 years.

Non-slip Safety Flooring

Don’t let a little rain ruin your day: Our O.R.A. Anti-Rain transparent waterproof coatings prove that protecting your balconies, tiles, terraces and other outdoor areas doesn’t have to be expensive or require strenuous effort. It will also provide added protection from grease, smog, oil and mould.


Just dive right in: RX Aqualiner can accelerate the process of lining or refurbishing existing pools with minimal disruption and will not leach any impurities or contaminants, so you can get back in the water as soon as possible.

RX Aqualiner

These are just a few of our extensive range of world-leading flooring and waterproofing systems, but we have many, many more with a variety of applications across industries, including residential, commercial, industrial and mining.




Wishing You Well from Robex SA This Festive Season



As we arrive at the precipice of 2016, we want to look back on a fantastic year, something we can attribute to your tremendous support. Thank you from everyone at Robex SA! It’s been a wonderful year; filled with industrious and interesting projects, and we look forward to taking everything we’ve learned into an even more exciting 2017!


For those who still wish to do work with us this year, our sales office will be closed from December 16 to January 3, but our production office will be working throughout. It’s an ideal time if you require maintenance and don’t want to disrupt productivity during business hours. Should you wish to contact our sales office to arrange work for this December, please contact us as soon as possible, and we’ll ensure it gets done in time for the new business year.


Once again, we’d like to thank you, our loyal customer, for continuing to choose Robex SA. Wishing you a wonderful festive season!





Robex SA Scores a Hole-in-One at One of SA’s Top Golf Courses




Years of constant use, harsh chemicals and of course, the relentless South African sun can take a toll on swimming pools and leave them looking less than sparkling, not to mention full of leaks.


For all the above factors, when the time came for lining the new pools at Ebotse Links Golf and Country Estate, RX Aqualiner was the obvious choice.


RX Aqualiner is our quick-curing solution that is UV-stable and is guaranteed to provide years of swimming pleasure and peace of mind. It is also 100% non-toxic and does not promote the growth of algae. The system can be applied in almost any colour, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating an extremely practical and functional pool with unique decorative appeal.


With Robex SA’s years of expertise, Ebotse Links Golf and Country Estate is guaranteed years of fully waterproof, durable and sparkling clean pools for their discerning clientele to enjoy.




RX Polyaspartic Range


Cycle Lab


Encompassing RX Abstract Metallic, RX Supa-Aspartic UV, RX Décor Quartz, RX Décor-Chip and the RX Abstract Stain System, Robex SA’s Polyaspartic range represents a perfect fusion of beauty and function. With concrete and screeded floors becoming the latest trend due to their strength, industrial-style beauty and endless versatility, our Polyaspartic range offers an eye-catching enhancement to concrete’s natural aesthetic, as well as a protective coating that will preserve it for years to come, no matter the application.


These luxurious finishes will create an atmosphere of quality and style in any industrial, retail, commercial or domestic environment, with many available in a wide assortment of colours and matte or glossy finishes. Concrete flooring has never been this beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain!


To learn more about these and many more of the flooring and waterproofing solutions that have made us experts in our field, don’t hesitate to contact Robex SA directly to discuss your project’s specific needs.




RX Toughseal


RX Toughseal


RX Toughseal gives a superior protective floor finish for heavy traffic areas and can be trusted to protect your concrete substrate from powdering and oil ingress.


Protecting your concrete floor is crucial, whether it’s exposed to dust and chemicals, or foot and forklift traffic, the cost implications of concrete repairs tend to be exorbitant, which is why it’s better to take protective measures from the start. RX Toughseal from Robex SA is a twin pack, easy to apply, moisture cured polyurethane protective floor coating that offers 60% more light reflectance than untreated concrete floors.


RX Toughseal is ideal for warehouse and workshop spaces, because it extends the service life of the surface, while providing a flexible, durable and aesthetic finish. The polyurethane coating penetrates the substrate to form a resilient material that strengthens and protects the surface.


Easy to clean, brilliant impact resistance and an impervious surface that can handle steel wheeled trollies and forklifts, RX Toughseal is definitely the cost effective flooring solution for you.




Robex WetSuit


Robex WetSuit Solution


The environmentally friendly, over torch-on waterproofing system


With new and advanced waterproofing technology, Robex SA has fulfilled the needs of many customers who require a solution that doesn’t involve the timeous and expensive exercise of having to remove old waterproofing systems that have failed. WetSuit is a water based monolithic membrane that is 80% cured in 3 seconds. The application of RX Wetsuit can save huge amounts of money and time, and is completely VOC Free, which makes it kind to the environment.


A leaking roof can be a nightmare and costs an arm and a leg to fix. The WetSuit solution offers a seamless membrane system to fulfil all roofing needs. This product is also suitable for a large assortment of other applications, such as ponds, flat roofs, retaining walls and over wood decks.


The water-based, low pressure and non-flammable system ensures that you do not ever have to worry about water leaks in your home or business. WetSuit comes with a 15-year maintenance free guarantee and is ideal for areas that are not trafficked with vehicles.






RX Aqualiner cuts down maintenance time


suncity-sept2016Pools, ponds and fish tanks… they all tend to take a bit of a dive around this time of year, don’t they? You’ve probably been slacking a little on the elbow grease during the winter months – it’s been too cold to venture outside, never mind wetting your hands while netting leaves and scrubbing sides. But now the spring and summer rains are on their way, and we all know what that means. Aquatic environments immediately become a breeding ground for algae which – besides the obvious eyesore – can create quite an issue in terms of hygiene.


The aqua lining system from Robex SA is a liquid system applied with a roller, to create a hardy but smooth 1.2mm thick surface. It’s so easy to clean that when we introduced it to the dolphin show pool at uShaka Marine World in Durban, it only took five divers around five hours to clean the pool, as opposed to 20 divers working over the course of five days before!


Aqua lining is also UV stable, non-toxic, plus it’s quick curing, which means implementing it to a new or existing pool will create minimal disruption to avoid loss of revenue.




Marble gets RX Foodsafe Flooring


marble-sept2016By now you’ve probably heard of Marble, the highly anticipated concept restaurant in Rosebank that combines the global live-fire trend with the South African flair for flame-grilled food. The restaurant features a wood-fire grill, rooftop bar, walk-in butchery, and most importantly, our RX Foodsafe Flooring System for the back of house kitchen and bar area.


Why? Because any fine dining establishment worth its salt puts having a clean, safe and sanitary environment first. And RX Foodsafe offers a completely seamless hygienic flooring solution, which boasts exceptional chemical, wear and slip resistance; prevents build-up of impurities and bacteria; and resists cracking.


Congratulations to Dino, David and Gary on an incredibly successful opening and a restaurant so squeaky clean, you could practically eat off the floor if you wanted to.






Robex SA’s Toughseal


Airport Craft Brewers flooring toughseal
If you’ve been to OR Tambo International Airport lately, you might have noticed a new addition to their food and beverage offering, Airport Craft Brewers. The craft beer lounge and restaurant offers travelers a place to enjoy a cold beer and charge their phone or laptop, while they wait for their flight.


We were happy to come on board as the supplier of a durable, high-quality floor coating for the restaurant. The chosen product was our Toughseal solution, which provided the area with 60% more light reflectance – to ensure the colour didn’t fade – as well as giving the restaurant owners a solution that is durable and easy to clean, given the amount of foot traffic through their doors on a daily basis.





Robex SA’s Protadeck


protadeck-2016RX Protadeck can be applied to virtually any surface to form a tough and abrasion-resistant membrane, protecting against both chemical and water damage.


Key advantages of using this product:


• Fully Bonded

• No Migration Leaks

• Fully cured in 1 hour

• NO migration leaks

• UV Stable

• Trafficable/Aesthetic Finish