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A Tough One to Crack


RX Toughseal UVC offers long term durability as a protective coating for your concrete substrate. From workshops to warehouses, some floor surfaces see more traffic than others, putting them at an increased risk of premature deterioration. That’s where RX Toughseal UVC comes in.


RX Toughseal is a twin pack moisture cured polyurethane protective floor coating. It is available as a coloured or clear product and can be applied to all types of surfaces, including concrete, wood and steel. It can be purchased and applied as a DIY product and covers 6-8 square metres per kg, depending on porosity. Robex has installed this incredible flooring solution for a number of clients, who have confirmed the following benefits:


RX Toughseal

  • Extremely hardwearing
  • Impact resistant
  • UV stable
  • Easy to apply
  • Very flexible
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting durability
  • 60% more light reflectance than an untreated floor








The Latest On-the-Ground News


Recently, we were tasked with finding a long-term solution for a truck loading bay, where traffic was so high that demarcation lines had to be repainted every two weeks. Through the use of RX Toughseal UVC, we were able to create longer-lasting demarcation lines. At the same premises, we also used RX MMA Flake to give the worn stairs a durable new aesthetic. Our MMA’s quick-curing time (1 hour) means we were able to ensure minimal disruption to the organisation’s activities.


RX toughseal uvc


Helping Clients Get a Grip on Their Safety Issues


RX Grip Kit System


One of our clients in the automotive industry recently brought us on board to make their high traffic stair area safer. We achieved this by using our RX Grip Kit System. Supplied in kit form for ease of use, benefits of this product include tremendous adherence to virtually all building surfaces, an option between fine or coarse aggregate, and a pleasing aesthetic effect. It’s also available in a range of colours.