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There’s a WetSuit® Solution for everyone


Introducing WetSuit®, the environmentally friendly, multi-purpose liquid waterproofing membrane. WetSuit® is ideal for a large spectrum of uses, from extending the life of a roof to creating seamless, fluid applied air or vapour barriers. That makes it particularly useful for insulating asbestos roofing away from building occupants in a protective envelope.


The WetSuit® System comes in five unique solutions, all of which are water-based, self-adhering, cold spray applied, self-flashing and can be sprayed to any millimetre thickness in a single pass. That not only makes WetSuit® a supremely versatile product, but precise in its application and very easy to apply.


The membrane’s versatility and ease of use is matched only by its unbelievable durability, as one of only a few materials that has a Class A self-extinguishing fire rating, is nearly impregnable to hail, and offers 1600% elongation and a wind uplift of Class 1-990. That also makes it extremely safe, eliminating job hazards.


Find out how Wetsuit® can reduce renovation costs; safeguard against breathing hazards; offer unrivalled safety and durability; or meet your specific needs.



RX Polyaspartic: Enhancing the home


Workshops, factory floors and other industrial spaces have seen the benefits of our RX Polyaspartic flooring range, and now, we’re bringing it to your home. We recently transformed a residential garage space in Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate, and we think you’ll agree that the results are spectacular.


RX Polyaspartic flooring range


The key was creating a flooring system that was both practical and pleasing to the eye. This proves Polyaspartic flooring isn’t just tough as nails, but can be finished in a variety of visual styles to suit your tastes – with five different products to choose from within our RX Polyaspartic range.Image-2


Our RX Supa-Aspartic UV is great in bathrooms and around the house, while the RX Abstract Stain System is a durable top-of-the range decorative flooring system in matt or high-gloss – perfect for your contemporary kitchen or a retail space. An attractive solid flooring for garages and other high-traffic areas of the home, RX Décor Quartz and


Décor Chip are available in a wide assortment of colours, so you can achieve just about any look you want. Finally, RX Abstract Metallic offers a luxurious metallic finish for a big aesthetic impact.