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RX Toughseal


RX Toughseal


RX Toughseal gives a superior protective floor finish for heavy traffic areas and can be trusted to protect your concrete substrate from powdering and oil ingress.


Protecting your concrete floor is crucial, whether it’s exposed to dust and chemicals, or foot and forklift traffic, the cost implications of concrete repairs tend to be exorbitant, which is why it’s better to take protective measures from the start. RX Toughseal from Robex SA is a twin pack, easy to apply, moisture cured polyurethane protective floor coating that offers 60% more light reflectance than untreated concrete floors.


RX Toughseal is ideal for warehouse and workshop spaces, because it extends the service life of the surface, while providing a flexible, durable and aesthetic finish. The polyurethane coating penetrates the substrate to form a resilient material that strengthens and protects the surface.


Easy to clean, brilliant impact resistance and an impervious surface that can handle steel wheeled trollies and forklifts, RX Toughseal is definitely the cost effective flooring solution for you.




Robex WetSuit


Robex WetSuit Solution


The environmentally friendly, over torch-on waterproofing system


With new and advanced waterproofing technology, Robex SA has fulfilled the needs of many customers who require a solution that doesn’t involve the timeous and expensive exercise of having to remove old waterproofing systems that have failed. WetSuit is a water based monolithic membrane that is 80% cured in 3 seconds. The application of RX Wetsuit can save huge amounts of money and time, and is completely VOC Free, which makes it kind to the environment.


A leaking roof can be a nightmare and costs an arm and a leg to fix. The WetSuit solution offers a seamless membrane system to fulfil all roofing needs. This product is also suitable for a large assortment of other applications, such as ponds, flat roofs, retaining walls and over wood decks.


The water-based, low pressure and non-flammable system ensures that you do not ever have to worry about water leaks in your home or business. WetSuit comes with a 15-year maintenance free guarantee and is ideal for areas that are not trafficked with vehicles.