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RX Aqualiner cuts down maintenance time


suncity-sept2016Pools, ponds and fish tanks… they all tend to take a bit of a dive around this time of year, don’t they? You’ve probably been slacking a little on the elbow grease during the winter months – it’s been too cold to venture outside, never mind wetting your hands while netting leaves and scrubbing sides. But now the spring and summer rains are on their way, and we all know what that means. Aquatic environments immediately become a breeding ground for algae which – besides the obvious eyesore – can create quite an issue in terms of hygiene.


The aqua lining system from Robex SA is a liquid system applied with a roller, to create a hardy but smooth 1.2mm thick surface. It’s so easy to clean that when we introduced it to the dolphin show pool at uShaka Marine World in Durban, it only took five divers around five hours to clean the pool, as opposed to 20 divers working over the course of five days before!


Aqua lining is also UV stable, non-toxic, plus it’s quick curing, which means implementing it to a new or existing pool will create minimal disruption to avoid loss of revenue.




Marble gets RX Foodsafe Flooring


marble-sept2016By now you’ve probably heard of Marble, the highly anticipated concept restaurant in Rosebank that combines the global live-fire trend with the South African flair for flame-grilled food. The restaurant features a wood-fire grill, rooftop bar, walk-in butchery, and most importantly, our RX Foodsafe Flooring System for the back of house kitchen and bar area.


Why? Because any fine dining establishment worth its salt puts having a clean, safe and sanitary environment first. And RX Foodsafe offers a completely seamless hygienic flooring solution, which boasts exceptional chemical, wear and slip resistance; prevents build-up of impurities and bacteria; and resists cracking.


Congratulations to Dino, David and Gary on an incredibly successful opening and a restaurant so squeaky clean, you could practically eat off the floor if you wanted to.