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Maintenance Repair Products

RX Wood Repair Products


Robex specialises in the supply and application of wood repair products and wood flooring adhesives that are practical, durable and cost-effective.


RX Woodbond EXP


RX Woodbond EXP is a high-strength moisture curing polyurethane adhesive especially designed for bonding wood to wood. It is ideal for use in the bonding of wooden doors and window frames, structural adhesion of garden furniture and general furniture, and general furniture construction.


RX Woodbond EXP can also be used to bond many types of plastic foams and other insulating materials to a wide variety of both rigid and flexible building boards.


Features & Benefits:


  • Single component for ease of use
  • Suitable for hard and soft woods
  • Will bond uneven surfaces
  • Exceptional bond strength


RX Woodform


RX Woodform is a pre-coated catalyst fibrous wood combined with a resin reactor to produce an incredible high-strength mouldable wood, which once cured, can be drilled, machine sanded, planed or even tapered.


RX Woodform will adhere to all types of wood and most building materials including brick, concrete, steel, asbestos, plastic, marble, and formica.


Features & Benefits:


  • Exceptional flexural and compressive strength
  • Easy to use and rapid curing
  • Superb adhesion
  • Resistant to fungus, bacteria and water
  • Does not shrink