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Maintenance Repair Products

RX Special Adhesives


Robex supplies a range of high-strength, multi-surface structural adhesives for use in tough environments and advanced industrial applications. These products offer remarkable bond strength to effectively fill gaps and cracks in surfaces subjected to high impact loads.


RX MMxtra AC250


AC250 is an industrial-strength thixotropic adhesive system that is designed to fill in gaps in industrial flooring systems and other surfaces. It will not run and has the ability to fill and bond rough surfaces.


When used with Robex A1 Activator AC250, it will be able to bond almost any surface in a matter of seconds.


Features & Benefits:


  • Fills gaps
  • Single component
  • Revolutionary dispensing system
  • Will not clog
  • Controlled flow


RX MMxtra RE60


Robex supplies the world’s fastest-setting dual pack adhesive – RX MMxtra RE60. This product bonds to metals, woods, plastics and rubbers in 60 seconds!


Features & Benefits:


  • High strength super clear resin
  • Supplied in ‘self-mix’ dispenser
  • Impact resistant
  • Flexible